PersonPeople is a collaboration started by two personsJonny Coleman and Christopher Tarantino — focused upon telling stories through music. We can help you research, write, collect, compile, and soundtrack your project according to your vision.
We cut through the overwhelming sonic noise of today’s digital world with the warm human touch of personal curation. We provide freelance music supervision and consultation for advertising agencies, TV and film productions, websites, record labels, brands, websites, digital and terrestrial radio platforms, as well as international music festivals and roving parties.
Here are some of the services we provide: 

  • Song Searches
  • Music Clearance/Placement
  • Contracts
  • Creative Development
  • Artist/Remixer Matching
  • Original Film and Music Production
  • Music Video Conception/Production
  • Pre-Production Consulting for Writers
  • Brand Strategy


Please direct all questions, project proposals, demos, mixes, feedback, anonymous compliments or criticism, & love notes here.