Howe Bazaar

Do we as the group have the needs of the individual in mind? Are we as a species sensitive to the singular? If not, is there a way to train ourselves together as a phyla to behave this way?? Is there no one left but us???

Leading scientists have recently discovered the part of the brain that determines whether or not we are “person people.” In a new study, cranial expert Dr. Jonathan Coleman (Louisiana State University Mental Health Research) reveals “Cultures that become classified as Person People all seem to share a specific part of the brain that other cultures simply do not possess.”

In a lengthy, multi-year, multi-disclipinary, multi-track study whose findings will be revealed on Tuesday, Coleman collaborated with Dr. Christopher Tarantino, the head of E.B.S. (Experimental Brain Science) at the University of New Jersey. Tarantino asserts, “through sonic muscle memory, an extra domain between the occipital and the parietal lobe can be physically willed into existence.” Certain types of binaural waves can also aid in the creation of this area. Coleman & Tarantino traced the highest frequency of these waves to a plot of land in Omara, New Zealand where an ancient amphitheater once stood.

Today, an open air market stands on this spot and people that shop there seem to have no idea how lucky they are. This subatomic field recording by the doctorses is the closest we will get to understanding these cultures & how they once lived. This recording was funded by a grant by the estate of leading brain genius Dr. Paul Fuemana (R.I.P.).‪‬‪‬‪‬

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- PersonPeople, 2010