Rickey Being Rickey

“There are certain figures in American history who have passed into the realm of cultural mythology, as if reality could no longer contain their stories: Johnny Appleseed. Wild Bill Hickok. Davy Crockett. Rickey Henderson. They exist on the sometimes narrow margin between Fact and Fiction.”

- Sports Illustrated, 2003

Left field isn’t only for players who can’t play first base. Once, when legendary left fielder Rickey Nelson Henley Henderson was asked by a teammate if he had the Garth Brooks album with ‘Friends in Low Places’ he famously replied, “Rickey doesn’t have albums. Rickey has CDs.” Well we can’t be sure if Rickey has MP3s, but if he does, he’d probably say “Rickey likes ‘Rickey Being Rickey’” and mean it in more ways than even he would understand.

The illest of the illeists, Rickey could not be contained by baseball just as this mix cannot be contained (legally) by Rickey. There is no bigger self-made star in the twisted universe of professional baseball players; a mustachioed meteor, Henderson blazed a trail across three decades just as this mix does, only with less panache. PersonPeople would trade their every last recorded sound byte just for one of Rickey’s false stories to be true about them. Of all the stories though, there are still some left that even the most die-hard fans do not know, such as his taste for balearic disco, obsession with 1980s TV star ALF or slightly questionable relations with Thurman Munson in late 1979. One of our favorites though, has Mr. Henderson standing completely naked in front of a locker room mirror before every game and saying, “Ricky’s the best! Rickey’s the best!” over and over for several minutes right before taking the field.

This is exactly the way that PersonPeople approached making this deeply hyperbolic mix, only without the field. We hope that it continues ‘The Man of Steal’s’ legacy and erases any hint of doubt that may have existed. Don’t hate the player or the game. Rickey wouldn’t want it that way. And Rickey knows what Rickey wants. But this is PersonPeople calling on behalf of Rickey and Rickey wants to play music.

- PersonPeople, 2011