Wanna Join The Army?

We here at PersonPeople are many things, but above all, we are patriotic. Therefore you can imagine what an honor & a privilege it was for Chris Tarantino to get the call to music supervise Range 15, the first production written by, starring and almost completely funded by current and past U.S. servicemen.
The red band trailer recently premiered at Sundance and, fittingly, features the song “I Wanna Join the Army” from Alabama-based lo-fi garage-punk Dan Sartain‘s 2012 album Too Tough To Live. The film features a truly all-star cast including William Shatner, Randy Couture, Sean Astin, Danny Trejo, Jim O’Heir, Keith David and Mr. Lone Survivor himself Marcus Luttrell. Coming at you—when else?—Memorial Day 2016!

Ross Patterson’s “Romance Novel For Dudes” Gets a Soundtrack Mix!

Steed Mix Preview Cover By now, everyone and their mother knows the legend of St. James St. James (Saint James Street James). But in case you’ve been living under a fucking rock for the past 160 years though, Ross Patterson (FDR: American Badass!, Helen Keller Vs Nightwolves) has given us St. James’ origin story in “At Night She Cries, While He Rides His Steed,” the first romance novel for dudes. Some know St. James as a frontier family man, some as the “Fifth Beatle” of our founding fathers, and others still as the most hung outlaw in the West. Either way, 160 years ago America just wasn’t ready for a sexually benevolent Robin Hood with a rather progressive attitude towards race (at least for the time) roaming the plains high on laudanum, spreading his seed as far as it would go and serving up his own brand of vigilante cowboy justice. Now, of his myriad of illegitimate children’s children, two brothers (James Armstrong and Christopher Tarantino) still butthurt at their relative for walking out on their great-great-great-great-grandmother so many years ago, grew up to be DJs (of course) and soundtracked the life story of the man they never would have known anyway, under the name of his arch-nemesi The Schläger Brothers because fuck you, guy. If Eros and Al Capone were alive at the same time in the future, met at a bar one night, went home together, made sweet love and somehow got each other pregnant (it’s the fucking future, it’s possible), one of those babies would grow up to be St. James (the other one would become Rip Taylor). And this is what (one chapter of) his life sounded like. Stay tuned for the full mix! Print and e-book available now from Regan Arts, audiobook out June 23. Music 1. Il Tramonto (The Sundown) – Ennio Morricone 2. Human Fly – The Cramps 3. P.I.M.P. – Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band 4. Brother Where Are You? (Matthew Herbert Remix)- Oscar Brown Jr.

X/Y Coming to a Device Near You


Hi people who are already on the internet. Just a quick post to let you know that X/Y – the first feature I supervised – is coming to VOD this March 6, and the trailer is right above this sentence.

X/Y was written + directed by one of my oldest friends in LA, Ryan Piers Williams. It stars his wife America Ferrara, Melanie Diaz, [Oscar Winner®] Common, John Paul Phillips, Amber Tamblyn, Dree Hemingway, Amber Tamblyn, and more

We were able to place music by Chromatics, Moderat, Kit Grill, Emily Wells, Gauntlet Hair, Luis Flores + Brian Sanhaji (Droid), Rafa Durand Kick, The Defibulators, Wardell, Herman Beeftink, and more.

Oh, and Will Bates of Fall on Your Sword delivered a truly wonderful score (the cue in the trailer, for example). 

So, check out the movie, and let us know what you think.

Interview: Thomas Golubić on Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Better Call Saul



I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with SuperMusicVision founder Thomas Golubić in advance of the new season of The Walking Dead and the series premiere of Better Call Saul. The interview ran on Playboy and can be found here

However, we weren’t able to publish all of the photos of the SMV office (a work-live treehouse in Silver Lake), so I wanted to include them below. All of the photos were taken by Elis Jolie, and I think they capture the character of the space and the people that populate it.






PP Q+A #2: Phil South

Phil South Justin V

Phil South is a bad dude. Like in the video game Bad Dudes, meaning he’s a good dude. And like Bad Dudes, Mr. South came up hard in the 1980s. Since then, he’s established himself as the charming British ex-pat behind the venerable Golf Channel Recordings and part of the No Ordinary Monkey posse.

His label’s roster is important. DJ Nature, Justin V, Spike, Gala Drop, and Africaine 808 are some of the usual suspects. There’s an affinity for the jazzy, the sunkissed. Dusty-rock. Afro polyrhythms. Anything up to and including the baleric sink. 

There is something very handmade and personal to his aesthetic, at points even feral – from the scraggly party fliers to the analog-leaning records he releases. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a genuinely nice person and has an understated reputation as such. Somehow that’s crept into the music and dj sets as well. 

I recently corresponded with Phil via email about reflections on the past year – where he’s been and where his imprint is headed – as well as movies, sync placements, and disco shenanigans.




PersonPeople: Are you in Upstate New York now? Or out of the city somewhat? How’s family life and do you have a day job outside of the label?


Phil South: Yes indeed, upstate NY. We wanted to make the move while the kids are young enough. I think if we moved them out of Brooklyn when they were teenagers they’d never forgive us.


Family life is great :) I also work with my wife, she is a photo agent as well as trying to sync a bunch of people’s music left and right, including my own.



PP: How did you and Nomad link up? I have a few choice stories about him. Have hung out with him in several countries now. He lived with me for a month in 2008, I believe, in my old art gallery in Silver Lake. He’d paint every day and we’d cook or hang out in the evenings. I also ran into him in Croatia once too, which was great. He and Hunee were there. They were hanging with Beppe Loda.


PS: I only met him for the first time a couple of days ago. I knew he was a character from the emails, but it was great to cement that. He told me one story about a party in echo park….unprintable :)

We were introduced by mutual friend Alex Voices over email, I was already a fan of the Vulkandance tracks and the release on WT. Lagos, New York was just too good. I was sold instantly! We have an LP coming next year and another 12 pretty soon.



PP: What’s up with the rest of Golf Channel’s upcoming release slate?


PS: PLENTY…Right now its the Gala Drop LP “II”, a 12” from Apiento, and one from Payfone. Then we have the new 12 from The Loose Control Band which is just nuts, Mangiami comp, the debut from LGK – raw filter house! Project E LP, Africaine LP, Cherry Garcia, Sheila Hylton….niceness all.


PP: When are you in LA next?


PS: Soon I hope!! Love it out there.


PP: seen any good movies or TV shows recently? Any good scores or music licensing? On that note, how does your catalog do as far as sync stuff?


PS: Under the Skin was a pretty awesome soundtrack. The whole movie was great I thought. As for foolproof 70’s nostalgia Once in a Lifetime doc about the New York Cosmos was great…simple but very effective good time soundtrack. I still think Quentin Tarantino is great at the music thing, though his selections in Django Unchained were not up to his usual standard. Loved the movie though!


We could always use more syncs! It’s the only revenue stream left…this shit is a JOKE!


PP: Do you remember the time you and Justin V were in the Vice Do’s and Don’ts, circa 2008 or something? I loved the look on your faces in that one. Like you knew that this photo was going to get into the wrong hands.


PS: HAHAHA I don’t actually remember it being taken. We look shocking. we had literally just finished setting up for a new years party, there was no one there yet. I’m quite pleased to have made it into the don’ts I have to say, but am also glad not that many people have seen it. Justin summed it up best saying that while the pic itself is hilariously awful, the vice comments were kinda lame like ‘ooh DJs are glorified iPods’ or some bullshit. Normally the don’ts comments are way funnier than that.


PP: the comments are clearly mal-informed (for example: that’s not an iPod; that’s a turntable and rotary mixer), but isn’t that vice’s assumed prerogative? there are, of course, objectively terrible local and touring djs everywhere that do insta-doodle button-pushing whatevers. Most djs aren’t objectively bad. But there are those out there. especially in NY, right? They exist here too. I think it’s cool to be mistaken for average idiots but actually be delivering something not fully idiotic. It’s like the Idjut Boys covers and other red herring lp artwork that is trying to make you think everything inside is garbage. seems like a tried and true edit/balearic tactic. And I mean that lovingly.


Speaking of idiocy, do you remember the time that Chris Cruse and I impersonated you at Electric Elephant in Croatia? That was a gas.


PS: I was mentioning this to Hans! It still makes me chuckle. Why me? Why us? I thought that was a genius move from you guys!!


PP: To answer the questions “why me? why us?” … a few things. One, we were basically the only Americans there. Juan Maclean and maybe that’s it. I think some people probably assumed you were American because you live in New York. Someone, at like 5 in the morning, approached us on our way to bed and said, “Are you Justin V?” and another dude (I think they were from Newcastle) said, “And are you Phil South?” I forgot who they thought was which but go with whatever combination you think is funnier. We said “yes,” even though we were totally rinsed already and stayed up for another 3-4 hours drinking their booze. We bullshitted about the tropes and cliche struggles of running a small label. They bought it. We’re assholes. I think it was me who felt guilty enough to reveal it to them. I think we really confused them in the end.


This was a high/low-light of that period for me.


What was your proudest (music-related) memory of 2014?


PS: The No Ordinary Monkey 10 year anniversary back in February. A room full of good friends, great music & beautiful sound…the perfect night!



PP: What about your favorite release of the past 12 months?


PS: “Wuhti” by Denaji (The DJ Sotofett remix)


PP: What you want to see more of in 2015?


PS: Money


PP: What you want to see less of in 2015?


PS: Debt


You heard the man. More money; less debt. Go spend all your Christmas bonuses on yourself on fine Golf Channel goods wherever good records are sold.

October’s Endless Summer: PP Monthly Mixtape Roundup

PP’s Monthly Mixtape Roundup is where we discuss our favorite mixes from the past 4 weeks. We pick through the webby goo mass of podcasts, radio shows, mixtapes, and anything else we can get our hands on and filter it down to the ones we’ve gone back to for more.

This month, we selected over 10 hours of bizarre, wonderful, emotional, banging, and blissful music, selected and sequenced by people we admire.

Caveat: we don’t hear everything, of course. If you think we are gravely mistaken and have omitted something excellent, please don’t hesitate in letting us know. Now, let’s do the damn thing.


 Mixmag In Session: Oskar Offerman and Edward 


RIYL: Marcel Dettman, Giegling, George St. Geegling, Gil Faizon, Berlin
Best Moment: Tough to decide really as it’s so well mixed, but ‘Floral Ground,’ Things from the Basement’s opener certainly kicks things off on the right foot
Best Comment: “i laveet” So do we!
Could Soundtrackthe Tour De Frankfurt – a long-distance bike tour through the German city’s clubland. 
Why It’s Perfect for October: This shit is off-kilter during a month when the weather is usually making your body do pretty much the same thing (LA notwithstanding – ed.)
Who Else Might Dig It? Anyone shedding a tear at the upcoming closure of Trouw who might be willing to throw open the doors of the home usually occupied by their Dutch secret second family for a late night ragefest.

Better Than: Actually having a second family & almost as good as this 
Made Us Think Of: #TBT to that time they tagteamed in NY a few weeks ago, I was told about it and STILL missed it. But in my defense it was from a Canadian, so, you know…
PP Says: Listen to your friends…even the Canadian ones. Because PersonPeople nevrr make the same mistake twice. NEVRR!


 Antal & Hunee ‘Welcome to Our World’ Redlight Radio 


RIYL: jazz, beats/rhymes/life, vocalese fusion, putting a smile on a cynic’s face, music, bossa nova, piano solos, wylin & smilin
Best Moment: @1:15:00, the track at ~2:04:00 (“c’est porquoi?” Because what the fuck is this shit? That’s why)
Best Comment: “welcome to our world” – Hunee, “core bizznizz”
Could Soundtrack…a Dalmatian Coast boat party, driving from NY to LA
PP Says: Antal Heitlager co-runs Rush Hour, the venerable Dutch record store/record label. Hunee is a world class DJ and collector. They have all the good records. Selection is a given. It squiggles and noodles but in very correct ways. The sequencing and b2b collaboration and worldliness (minus the negative, corny/MBE connotations) make me feel genuinely happy.
Why It’s Perfect for October: Like many of these mixes we pull, we think they’re blooming perennials. But this one comes after a particularly jazzy summer.
Who Else Might Dig It? Human beings who are remotely adventurous


 DJ Harvey London XPress Radio Part 1, 2, 3, & 4 


RIYL: Cryptids, rekkids, lost episodes
Could Soundtrack…a drive up the Hamptons or down the Balkans
Best Moment: While a solipsistic selection, I hadn’t heard the Harvey “Ibiza Sleepy Mix” of Planet Funk’s “Inside All the People” since blogging was the dominant social platform. Cornball space crystals straight to the heart.
Why It’s Perfect for October: It’s almost Christmas again.
Who Else Might Dig It? The mythical 10% EDM runoff crowd

Better Than: Mariah’s Christmas albums.
Made Us Think Of: Giving up and starting over.
PP Says: Technically, this one’s a cheat – a London XPress radio show on XFM from December 2001, the complete recording of which just surfaced this month - but we’re gonna go ahead and count it. Eclectic, classic selections. One can only assume the same records are still enjoyed and given regular play. s/o Test Pressing


 S&T Podcast 14 by Desert Sound Colony 


RIYL: The Asphodells, Scissor & Thread artists, Late Night Tales, psychedelic gender mindbending at 6am in a foreign gully.
Best Moment: The psycho-licious intro, all three original DSC productions, and, of course, any excuse to hear Mirwais’ Breeders-callback ‘Disco Science’.
Best Comment: “Apologies, everyone. There appears to be an issue with the descriptions field and the new layout of Soundcloud. Here is the tracklisting for those interested…” From Scissor & Thread themselves. Funny / not funny.
Could Soundtrack…a K2 mountain climb of the mind
Why It’s Perfect for October: Fall brings necessary changes and so does this mix.
Who Else Might Dig It? People who enjoy going on a ‘journey’ but hate DJs that who claim to take you on one.
Better Than: Oasis?

Made Us Think Of: Our own ‘Aural History’ AAOR which also uses s. maharba’s “Something in the Way She Moves,” leading nicely out of out of Telepopmuzik’s classic “Breathe” and closing the mix out.
PP Says: FOPP (Friend of PersonPeople) Liam Wachs is Scissor & Thread’s newest signing, Desert Sound Colony. Liam enjoys individuals named Veronica, reverb, echo, disco glove TKOs, widening his eyes at random intervals for emphasis, and VIBES.


 Richard Norris In The Mix for Mixmag 


RIYL: acid, warehouses, acid warehouses, fantasy, sound, Phantasy Sound
Best Moment: Unreleased Norris cut ‘Let’s Dance’ and Erol Alkan’s FABRICLIVE 77 exclusive track ‘Sub Conscious’ (Broken-out Wizard’s Sleeve?)
Best Comment: “nice drop …” THANKS BRO!
Could Soundtrack…a long night in a converted tea factory in Norris’ native Lewes, England (trust us, it did).
Why It’s Perfect for October: It’s just a wee bit scary?
Who Else Might Dig It? Recent Norris fans who may have caught Richard giving Interpol’s undercarriage a-bit-of-the-old-how’s-your-father with Mr. Alkan as the mighty Beyond The Wizard Sleeve

Better Than: A Richard Norris face transplant
Made Us Think Of: One of our GOAT psychedelic sets from 2007 recorded live at The G-Mex in Manchester
PP Says: Norris is an all-time PP fave since wayback from his work in The Grid all the way through to his solid live outfit The Time And Space Machine as well as being a one-man enpsychlopedia of trippy music.


 CVS Bangers 3 by Hennessy Youngman 


RIYL: Air horns, machine gun sound FX, NBA Jam voiceover artists, shopping at CVS, Walgreen’s, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Eckerd’s, K&B (O.G.), poststructuralism
Best Moment: Spandau Ballet into “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” after the line “neutron dance for a neutron fan” the wacky announcer shouts “what does that even mean?,” asking the question of a generation – or – “kickin down the doors to Valhalla, lookin’ for Elian Gonzalez.”
Best Comment: “Take ‘em to church, Kenny!”
Could Soundtrack…Employee of the Month 2: Maternity Leave starring John Krasinski and Tara Lipinski
Who Else Might Dig It: Your biological mother
Better Than: Ketamine withdrawal, picking the pieces of your life up in a strip mall parking lot
PP Says: Cartoon hat fetishist and art jokester Hennessy Youngman is back at it again for some more loopy pop suburban malaise mayhem. If you want to hear Grace Jones, GnR, Kenny Rogers, Steve Winwood, and P.M. Dawn, this is the mix for you. Also, call your mother more. She’d love to hear from you.


Honorable mentions: Änd Of Summer Ämbient Mix Pt 2, mixED 5 by The Asphodells, Dummy Mix 228 by C.A.R., Mount Kimbie DJ Mix October 2014

That Time I Ate a Salad with Colin Kaepernick


Earlier this summer, I was tasked with profiling Colin Kaepernick (QB 1, San Francisco 49ers) for the cover of VMan’s Fall Issue. He was in LA to present at the ESPYs, and we spent an evening talking about his life*. The NFL has long been fascinating to me. It’s the most popular show on television, after all, and, although just entertainment, football reflects America’s values and problems more clearly than anything I know. Two years ago, I wrote a spec pilot about the inner workings of professional football, which basically outlines the crisis the NFL currently finds itself mired in. Kaepernick has had a brief-but-controversial career, whether it’s tattoos, blackness, religion, sex life and even hat-life being over-scrutinized by the media. The NFL consistently underscores so much that is still wrong in our culture – as seen through the lens of Kaep –  while offering some faint glimmer of hope. I get into all that in the article, which is illustrated by some amazing photos by the don Bruce Weber.

You can now read and download the piece here or pick up the issue on newsstands, wherever $30 magazines are sold.


*One detail I had to share that didn’t make it in the final cut was that, after the interview, Kaepernick was headed to a party where SWV was performing and retired running back Eddie George was DJing. I really, really, really want to know what he played, but I guess I never will. It was one of those parties where you have to fill out tax paperwork before you go because the gift bags are no joke.

Six For September: PP Monthly Mixtape Roundup


PP’s Monthly Mixtape Roundup is a new series we’re running where we discuss our favorite mixes from the past 4 weeks. We pick through the webby goo mass of podcasts, radio shows, mixtapes, and anything else we can get our hands on and filter it down to the ones we’ve gone back to for more. 

Caveat: We are (technically) human and don’t hear everything. If you think we are gravely mistaken and have omitted something excellent, please don’t hesitate in letting us know. Now, let’s get on with it.



  Mayan Warrior by Rebollado + Barnt 


RIYL: Cómeme Records, tribal rhythms, part-time Shamanism, and posting dusty selfies with leather-clad plushies and furries on top of an RV which you may not remember taking but your HR department will never forget.
Best Moment: the epic intro (“We started with this track that I will never forget…” –Barnt), the deep psychedelic mixing, Barnt’s Mike Oldfield-2001-soundtracker ‘What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It’ here …and this is one SIXTH of it. Yikes.
Best Comment: “Every person uploading sets, playing at BM, offers a download to the community. It’s a ritual. Pls turn on download to share this. Thx” hah! Do not deny the rituals!
Could Soundtrack…The entire ‘Planet Earth’ boxset collection.

Why It’s Perfect for September: DECOM baby!
Who Else Might Dig It? People who go to amazing parties and don’t feel the need to incessantly yammer on about it to convert friends and loved ones in some sort of desert Pyramid scheme.
Better Than: Being there
Made Us Think Of…possibly reevaluating our Playa-hating old man-stance
PP Says: Back in the day the BM soundtrack was basically whoever’s art car had turntables plus Bassnectar and his 16 siblings. Now it’s a world class wrecking crew. This mini-Cómeme Records Avengers supercrew assembled, taking lucky Burners to other planets than the ones that they may have already been on for this amazing half-day journey that spanked the ass of the reviled Skrillex and Diplo not long after. An amazing sounding party that a small but vocal faction has tainted for us . But we’re slowly coming around. Goddaaaamnit.


 CRACK Magazine Podcast 076 by Timothy Fairplay 


RIYL: Robotic Teutonic mirages in Victorian French castles, The Normal, the not-so-normal
Best Moment: Rude 66′s ‘Die Starke der Vernichtenden Schlage’ into House of Jezebel’s ‘I Took A Train In 1976′
Best Comment: “You had me at Unit Moebius.” (Facebook)
Could Soundtrack…John Carpenter’s Terminator: Bonne Nuit. Mathieu Amalric stars as a busted-ass John Connor living in Paris for the drugs, when a still-misunderstood Schwarzennegger lands in the Seine (literally) and with the help of a flamboyant programmer (Vincent Cassel), must find John and an aged Sarah Connor (Charlotte Rampling) to save the world yet again.
Why It’s Perfect for September: An early-fall release date is perfect for non-Oscar contenders (which this definitely is)

Who Else Might Dig It? Any East London heads who show their faces at Avery & Walsh’s Movement Club
Better Than: A ham & cheese mixte that’s sitting in a window all day by The Louvre
Made Us Think Of: An ’80s we wish we knew…and possibly could 65 years!
PP Says: Released to coincide with his DJ set for BFF Andrew Weatherall’s ridiculously amazing-looking De La City festival this past weekend in Carcassonne, France, alongside the likes of Scott Fraser, Sean Johnston, a Michelin star chef and sommelier (of course!) and the hirsute ascotted overlord himself, Mr. Weatherall, on DJ duties and playing live with Mr. Fairplay as The Asphodells. This set of robotic darkness from the former Battant man would seem to fit the mood perfectly, which we will be able to confirm for you next year at this time.


 Unsound Podcast #21 by We Will Fail 


RIYL: ambient, new age, deep feelings
Best Moment: the part where your subconscious does things that words can’t describe
Best Comment: “power!”
Could Soundtrack…a Whitney Biennial installation about American pagan ethnographies
PP Says: This mix is by experimental Polish producer ‪Aleksandra Grünholz. It’s heady, dark, spacious, experimental, blotto in places.
Why It’s Perfect for September: psychedelic tailgating 

Who Else Might Dig It? Bret Easton Ellis
Better Than Ezra
Made Us Think Of…dying…or taking a bath. Or both.


 Vinyl Only And Hot Pants Only (Babymix 3) by Hot Baby Karl 


RIYL: Levon Vincent, Adam X-tasy circa ’93, Floor Drugs From Stockholm, Charlie Murphy-level Daaarknes
Best Moment: The part where you question what walls are and why they’re there and how they work, NX1 06 016
Best Comment: “alltså vad är detta för låt? den andra kommentaren hamnade fel :)”
Could Soundtrack…
PP Says: Ever been to a Glory Hole? Because Karl knows a really great one in New York that we really dig and you should check out this weekend. No DL + no tracklisting so get after it.

Why It’s Perfect for September: High season in Malmö y’all, waters warm, come on in!
Who Else Might Dig It? Proper big city weirdos bored with their current surroundings
Better Than: Norway
Made Us Think Of…that shelf…in the den…that’s still missing the peg…that we really don’t wanna have to go back to IKEA customer service to deal with without a receipt.


 DJ History Mystery Mix (Krautrock Special) by David Stubbs


RIYL: Krautrock, clearly
Best Comment: All of them
Could Soundtrack…a film about Germany in the ’60s and ’70s

PP Says: A nice primer by the journalist/historian but also interesting for the heads. It’s a good listen for anyone who ever had a kraut phase.
Why It’s Perfect for September: Cleanse the palette

Who Else Might Dig It? Kids in college who’ve never heard krautrock; working class kids who’ve also never heard krautrock
Better Than The Strokes
Made Us Think Of…reading homeboy’s tome.


 Orchestral Manoeuvres in Gomorrah (Sept. 8 show) by Ben Block 


RIYL: Baleria all up in your area, Test Pressing, suntime + hats
Best Moment: ‪The shredding on Al Di Meola’s “Sequencer” or Richard Fearless’s “Gamma Ray”. Tie.‬
Best Comment: “strong feelings”
Could Soundtrack…an awesome ’80s coming of age flick. Or a two-hander about a boy and his surrogate mother in a dystopian future where the ’70s and ’80s were viewed as a golden era (not far off from Guardians of the Galaxy, actually). 
PP Says: Mr. Block is a friend and has exquisite taste. His monthly show is usually full of cosmic oddity baubles and the correct amount of sleaze.

Why It’s Perfect for September: I love summer music, but hate gross summers (like this one). This is a refreshing zephyr signaling a crisp fall. It’s like that Naughty by Nature video
Who Else Might Dig It? Your friend Sarah…or people who want to hang and listen to something that isn’t full-on bangers; adults; birthers
Better Than: Most things on your terrestrial dial in Los Angeles.
Made Us Think Of slow, sleazy dancing.
(full disclosure: that ‘Best Comment’ was mine)


PP Q+A #1: Alex Oxley

alexoxley-levelsPP Q+A is a new series where we talk to producers, artists, supervisors, labels, and multi-hyphenates from around the world who we think are worth talking to. We have several amazing individuals whom we’ll be speaking to this fall (*no spoilers*), and we’re going to let the conversations touch on a lot of areas about music, media, and culture. So if you’re not up for the longread, maybe a listicle is more your speed. 

Our first guest is Mr. Alex Oxley, a British ex-pat currently living in Los Angeles. You might recognize him as 1/2 of Fleetmac Wood or come across him in the promotion, PR, or label side of various international music outlets. Even if you haven’t, he’s a fine individual. We spoke last week as he was busy rolling out the first release for his brand new label, Reinhardt Records.



PersonPeople: Tell us a little bit about yourself, for the people out there in Internet Land…


Alex Oxley: I’m a Sheffield lad, who grew up in the Lake District before hitting my 20′s and chasing the dream in London, about spent some years stomping the pavement there, before heading to Berlin in search of techno.


PP: Tell us about Sheffield and Berlin. How did they help shape your tastes?


I was born in Sheffield, but grew up in the Lake District. All my family are from Sheffield, I really feel a strong connection to the city and have spent a lot of time there over the years. Musically the synth movement in the 80′s pretty incredible, there’s a wealth of material from Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and the like. Then it goes without saying that I am a massive fan of Warp Records, and have read into their legacy extensively. I admire their attitude, they had the right mindset from the off. I couldn’t discuss Sheffield without mentioning the techno mainstay that is The Black Dog, those guys have been consistently innovative and future thinking throughout the years.

Living in Berlin was a real eyeopener but visually and musically. The techno scene there is of course well documented, and rightly so as the community and clubs there are quite incredible. I’m sure anybody has has been to Berghain will sing its praises. It was super exciting to live in a city that is so art and music focused, Berlin literally has creativity at ever turn! 

Music has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember, when I left school I became a painter and decorator but it was inevitable that I’d end working in music to some degree. I’ve worked professionally in the industry for ten years, wearing a variety of hats. From label manager to club promoter and festival, it has certainly been a colourful experience.


PP: When did you move to LA and why?


AO: My wife Lisa, who works in advertising as a senior creative was offered a job role at an agency based out here. I believe change is a positive, and it wasn’t the easiest of moves but the thought of working on my tan (note: I still don’t have a tan) and speeding down the LA freeway listening to Underworld ‘Born Slippy’ was to much to pass up.



PP: What do you think about living here so far?


AO: I absolutely love it. We have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people, and travel around a bit. The sear scale of Los Angeles and Southern California is just mind boggling. I feel like I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface!


PP: Tell us about your previous experience working at with labels.


I was label manager at Botchit & Scarper for around four years. The Managing Director there set me off on the right path. He threw me in the deep end on my first day interning, fresh out of university it sure was an eye opener, but I learnt quickly and loved every minute of it. I can’t thank him enough.


PP: What is the ethos of Reinhardt and where did you get the name from?


AO: To release music we are passionate about and believe in fully. I want to build a label people look to as a mark of quality and a certain aesthetic, not driven by trends or genre. Musically Reinhardt is an open book, and a label where artists can push and fully express themselves. I’m in this for the long haul, and the music we release and artists we work with will reflect this.

I procrastinated over the label name for months. Aside from the logistical elements of setting up and running the label, settling on the name was a job within its self. When I heard the word Reinhardt it struck me instantly, and I ran it by a couple of people in the industry who opinions I trust highly and they gave me the thumbs up.


PP: Why did you think it was necessary to create a label?


AO: Well, it has been a dream of mine to have my own label since picking up dj’ing in my late teens. I’m sure most DJs you to speak with will tell you about their obsessions with certain labels, and what drew them to the labels. You get to that point where you literally can not wait for a record to be released, and you are there on the door step of the record shop the day of release. The industry has changed so much in recent years, but I want people to feel that same passion I have and had for certain labels about Reinhardt.


PP: How is being in L.A. going to help the label?


AO: The sun certainly helps, that is for sure. As I said earlier and I am still finding my way in LA, but musically it sure is a hot spot right now so only time will tell how much being in LA influences the label.



PP: Tell us about this first release and other artists who are committed…

AO: The first EP is by Antenna Happy, a producer who cut his teeth in the 90′s releasing a bunch of 12”s and DJing extensively, but got disillusioned and drove his energy into his second creative passion, acting. Fast forward to last year, and Antenna Happy sent Lisa an early version of the lead EP track Pinto. We were both instantly hooked, and I knew this track had to released.

In regards to forthcoming releases, I can’t announce them just yet but keep an eye on the label’s social media.


PP: How does a small run label in 2014 make ends meet? What’s your plan?

AO: I have always worn a lot of hats whilst working in music, so I am all to aware of how tough it can be to make ends meet. Running a label is no picnic!

Music synchronization is certainly an area I will be exploring with the label, and we have already started to gain interest with just one release under our belt. There will also be Reinhardt club nights and live audio-visual shows, plus maybe some limited edition tea towels.


PP: Are you doing vinyl, digital, and CDs or what formats will you be focusing on?


AO: Physical products will be a premier focus for the label. We’ll release the vinyl first then the digital release with bonus material a month later. There is a CD compilation planned further down the line, and we will be move into artist albums as things progress.


PP: Anything regarding the label’s plans that isn’t ‘official’ yet that you want to tease?


AO: I am keeping tight lipped for the time being, but more details will be revealed soon.


PP: Since this is a music supervision site…Any bit of music supervision (ads, TV, film, video games) catch your ear or impress you recently?


AO: I thought Yppah’s track ‘Never Mess With Sunday’ worked really well on this 02 advert from a while back.



AO: I’m a quite a film buff, and seek out a lot of soundtracks on vinyl both old and new. The music on Drive - I’m sure most will agree – was amazing and worked perfectly with the film, and I was impressed with the Under the Skin soundtrack too.


PP: Any recent music, music biz, or press trends you like or loathe?


AO: Well, let’s not get started on the recent U2 album saga shall we, zzzzz.

I’m always trying to keep an eye on labels and artists working in imaginative ways. I thought the Boards Of Canada and Aphex Twin campaigns were superb. Hats off to Warp Records for sure.

Sometimes it is what you don’t say or show that really sparks intrigue and excitement.



Reinhardt’s first release – Pinto EP by Antenna Happy - is out now on vinyl and will be released digitally on October 20. Hear more on Reinhardt’s SC page.

The Shift

“The Shift” is a short film period piece that one of my writing partners, Francesco Calabrese, wrote and directed. I helped with story, dialog, and in some other creative producing capacities. The short went live yesterday and was chosen as “Short of the Week” on the aptly named “Short of the Week” website and was picked up by io9 as well. It stars Molly Quinn, Ryan Welsh, and Whitney Hoy. Music by our good friend Mark Yaeger.

UPDATE: The film has been seen almost 100K times in the first 4 days and was selected as a ‘Staff Pick’ at Vimeo! Not bad.


Here it is in all its Technocolor glory…

THE SHIFT from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.