October’s Endless Summer: PP Monthly Mixtape Roundup

PP’s Monthly Mixtape Roundup is where we discuss our favorite mixes from the past 4 weeks. We pick through the webby goo mass of podcasts, radio shows, mixtapes, and anything else we can get our hands on and filter it down to the ones we’ve gone back to for more.

This month, we selected over 10 hours of bizarre, wonderful, emotional, banging, and blissful music, selected and sequenced by people we admire.

Caveat: we don’t hear everything, of course. If you think we are gravely mistaken and have omitted something excellent, please don’t hesitate in letting us know. Now, let’s do the damn thing.


 Mixmag In Session: Oskar Offerman and Edward 


RIYL: Marcel Dettman, Giegling, George St. Geegling, Gil Faizon, Berlin
Best Moment: Tough to decide really as it’s so well mixed, but ‘Floral Ground,’ Things from the Basement’s opener certainly kicks things off on the right foot
Best Comment: “i laveet” So do we!
Could Soundtrackthe Tour De Frankfurt – a long-distance bike tour through the German city’s clubland. 
Why It’s Perfect for October: This shit is off-kilter during a month when the weather is usually making your body do pretty much the same thing (LA notwithstanding – ed.)
Who Else Might Dig It? Anyone shedding a tear at the upcoming closure of Trouw who might be willing to throw open the doors of the home usually occupied by their Dutch secret second family for a late night ragefest.

Better Than: Actually having a second family & almost as good as this 
Made Us Think Of: #TBT to that time they tagteamed in NY a few weeks ago, I was told about it and STILL missed it. But in my defense it was from a Canadian, so, you know…
PP Says: Listen to your friends…even the Canadian ones. Because PersonPeople nevrr make the same mistake twice. NEVRR!


 Antal & Hunee ‘Welcome to Our World’ Redlight Radio 


RIYL: jazz, beats/rhymes/life, vocalese fusion, putting a smile on a cynic’s face, music, bossa nova, piano solos, wylin & smilin
Best Moment: @1:15:00, the track at ~2:04:00 (“c’est porquoi?” Because what the fuck is this shit? That’s why)
Best Comment: “welcome to our world” – Hunee, “core bizznizz”
Could Soundtrack…a Dalmatian Coast boat party, driving from NY to LA
PP Says: Antal Heitlager co-runs Rush Hour, the venerable Dutch record store/record label. Hunee is a world class DJ and collector. They have all the good records. Selection is a given. It squiggles and noodles but in very correct ways. The sequencing and b2b collaboration and worldliness (minus the negative, corny/MBE connotations) make me feel genuinely happy.
Why It’s Perfect for October: Like many of these mixes we pull, we think they’re blooming perennials. But this one comes after a particularly jazzy summer.
Who Else Might Dig It? Human beings who are remotely adventurous


 DJ Harvey London XPress Radio Part 1, 2, 3, & 4 


RIYL: Cryptids, rekkids, lost episodes
Could Soundtrack…a drive up the Hamptons or down the Balkans
Best Moment: While a solipsistic selection, I hadn’t heard the Harvey “Ibiza Sleepy Mix” of Planet Funk’s “Inside All the People” since blogging was the dominant social platform. Cornball space crystals straight to the heart.
Why It’s Perfect for October: It’s almost Christmas again.
Who Else Might Dig It? The mythical 10% EDM runoff crowd

Better Than: Mariah’s Christmas albums.
Made Us Think Of: Giving up and starting over.
PP Says: Technically, this one’s a cheat – a London XPress radio show on XFM from December 2001, the complete recording of which just surfaced this month - but we’re gonna go ahead and count it. Eclectic, classic selections. One can only assume the same records are still enjoyed and given regular play. s/o Test Pressing


 S&T Podcast 14 by Desert Sound Colony 


RIYL: The Asphodells, Scissor & Thread artists, Late Night Tales, psychedelic gender mindbending at 6am in a foreign gully.
Best Moment: The psycho-licious intro, all three original DSC productions, and, of course, any excuse to hear Mirwais’ Breeders-callback ‘Disco Science’.
Best Comment: “Apologies, everyone. There appears to be an issue with the descriptions field and the new layout of Soundcloud. Here is the tracklisting for those interested…” From Scissor & Thread themselves. Funny / not funny.
Could Soundtrack…a K2 mountain climb of the mind
Why It’s Perfect for October: Fall brings necessary changes and so does this mix.
Who Else Might Dig It? People who enjoy going on a ‘journey’ but hate DJs that who claim to take you on one.
Better Than: Oasis?

Made Us Think Of: Our own ‘Aural History’ AAOR which also uses s. maharba’s “Something in the Way She Moves,” leading nicely out of out of Telepopmuzik’s classic “Breathe” and closing the mix out.
PP Says: FOPP (Friend of PersonPeople) Liam Wachs is Scissor & Thread’s newest signing, Desert Sound Colony. Liam enjoys individuals named Veronica, reverb, echo, disco glove TKOs, widening his eyes at random intervals for emphasis, and VIBES.


 Richard Norris In The Mix for Mixmag 


RIYL: acid, warehouses, acid warehouses, fantasy, sound, Phantasy Sound
Best Moment: Unreleased Norris cut ‘Let’s Dance’ and Erol Alkan’s FABRICLIVE 77 exclusive track ‘Sub Conscious’ (Broken-out Wizard’s Sleeve?)
Best Comment: “nice drop …” THANKS BRO!
Could Soundtrack…a long night in a converted tea factory in Norris’ native Lewes, England (trust us, it did).
Why It’s Perfect for October: It’s just a wee bit scary?
Who Else Might Dig It? Recent Norris fans who may have caught Richard giving Interpol’s undercarriage a-bit-of-the-old-how’s-your-father with Mr. Alkan as the mighty Beyond The Wizard Sleeve

Better Than: A Richard Norris face transplant
Made Us Think Of: One of our GOAT psychedelic sets from 2007 recorded live at The G-Mex in Manchester
PP Says: Norris is an all-time PP fave since wayback from his work in The Grid all the way through to his solid live outfit The Time And Space Machine as well as being a one-man enpsychlopedia of trippy music.


 CVS Bangers 3 by Hennessy Youngman 


RIYL: Air horns, machine gun sound FX, NBA Jam voiceover artists, shopping at CVS, Walgreen’s, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, Eckerd’s, K&B (O.G.), poststructuralism
Best Moment: Spandau Ballet into “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” after the line “neutron dance for a neutron fan” the wacky announcer shouts “what does that even mean?,” asking the question of a generation – or – “kickin down the doors to Valhalla, lookin’ for Elian Gonzalez.”
Best Comment: “Take ‘em to church, Kenny!”
Could Soundtrack…Employee of the Month 2: Maternity Leave starring John Krasinski and Tara Lipinski
Who Else Might Dig It: Your biological mother
Better Than: Ketamine withdrawal, picking the pieces of your life up in a strip mall parking lot
PP Says: Cartoon hat fetishist and art jokester Hennessy Youngman is back at it again for some more loopy pop suburban malaise mayhem. If you want to hear Grace Jones, GnR, Kenny Rogers, Steve Winwood, and P.M. Dawn, this is the mix for you. Also, call your mother more. She’d love to hear from you.


Honorable mentions: Änd Of Summer Ämbient Mix Pt 2, mixED 5 by The Asphodells, Dummy Mix 228 by C.A.R., Mount Kimbie DJ Mix October 2014