That Time I Ate a Salad with Colin Kaepernick


Earlier this summer, I was tasked with profiling Colin Kaepernick (QB 1, San Francisco 49ers) for the cover of VMan’s Fall Issue. He was in LA to present at the ESPYs, and we spent an evening talking about his life*. The NFL has long been fascinating to me. It’s the most popular show on television, after all, and, although just entertainment, football reflects America’s values and problems more clearly than anything I know. Two years ago, I wrote a spec pilot about the inner workings of professional football, which basically outlines the crisis the NFL currently finds itself mired in. Kaepernick has had a brief-but-controversial career, whether it’s tattoos, blackness, religion, sex life and even hat-life being over-scrutinized by the media. The NFL consistently underscores so much that is still wrong in our culture – as seen through the lens of Kaep –  while offering some faint glimmer of hope. I get into all that in the article, which is illustrated by some amazing photos by the don Bruce Weber.

You can now read and download the piece here or pick up the issue on newsstands, wherever $30 magazines are sold.


*One detail I had to share that didn’t make it in the final cut was that, after the interview, Kaepernick was headed to a party where SWV was performing and retired running back Eddie George was DJing. I really, really, really want to know what he played, but I guess I never will. It was one of those parties where you have to fill out tax paperwork before you go because the gift bags are no joke.