FYF 2014: Stray Observations

FYF Arena Disco Balls

Stray observations from FYF 2014:

      • There were some production hiccups on the first day. This was the first time it was hosted in the LA Coliseum complex just south of USC. It was difficult to get into the dance stage, as it filled to capacity, and some people experienced long waits to get in. This was basically solved by the second day, but, on the first day, I got into the dance arena and basically stayed there until the end. Too afraid to leave and not get re-entry.
      • From the lighting to the smoke machine to the 50 disco ball diorama to the glittering cosmic backdrop, the Sports Arena felt like Space Mountain.
      • Speaking of the Sports Arena, the last time I saw a show here was for the kickoff show of the Alive 2007 tour.
      • DJ Harvey’s fashion was inspired by Freddie Mercury. He opened with this. Played this. Also this. And ended with this, a nod to the Todd.



  • Caribou’s set was great. The new album is sounding great. The perfect mix of rock show and dance party. I met Nathan Fielder there, which was bizarre. We spoke about magic, misdirection, and the subconscious for most of the set.
  • Terje’s set was also a treat. He delivered many of the expected hits and closed with Eurodans with bonus Whitney Houston acapella over top. Godt djort.
  • Supposedly, several hundred teenage Strokes fans entered at opening gates (around 1p.m.), camped out at the front of the Main Stage, and sat there all day until the Strokes went on around 10:30. Many of these young Strokes fans suffered from dehydration and heat stroke and were carried away during the Strokes’ performance.
  • With Interpol and Strokes headlining, it conjured images of stepped on charlie in a post 9/11 New York. There’s an idea that doesn’t need a revival.
  • Darkside – whether you like their recorded output or not – puts on a fantastic show. It was like if Pink Floyd was filtered through a New Beat kaleidoscope. At the end of the set, Dave Harrington broke that evil-looking spotlight. Rock and roll, bruh.
  • Pound for pound, one of the best booked festivals I’ve been to or even seen.
  • Total acts I saw: Caribou, Todd Terje, Darkside, Caribou, DJ Harvey, Daniel Avery, Tanlines, John Talabot, Future Islands, The Strokes, Presidents of the United States of America
  • I regretted missing: Run the Jewels, Haim (caught a few songs in the distance), Slowdive, Kelela, Blood Orange, Kindness, bands I’m too ignorant to even know I’m missing out on
  • I did not regret missing: Phoenix
  • Number of bacon dogs eaten: only 1
  • Number of whiny people on social media: All
  • Number of attendees at the festival: roughly 45,000
  • Number of free Bud Light Apple-Ahhh-Ritas that can fit in my pockets: 6
  • Number of ‘mystery bags’ filled with white powder found on ground: 2
  • Number of Strokes t-shirts: a Billion
  • Days of recovery time: 2-3
  • Number of fucks given: ∅