Six For September: PP Monthly Mixtape Roundup


PP’s Monthly Mixtape Roundup is a new series we’re running where we discuss our favorite mixes from the past 4 weeks. We pick through the webby goo mass of podcasts, radio shows, mixtapes, and anything else we can get our hands on and filter it down to the ones we’ve gone back to for more. 

Caveat: We are (technically) human and don’t hear everything. If you think we are gravely mistaken and have omitted something excellent, please don’t hesitate in letting us know. Now, let’s get on with it.



  Mayan Warrior by Rebollado + Barnt 


RIYL: Cómeme Records, tribal rhythms, part-time Shamanism, and posting dusty selfies with leather-clad plushies and furries on top of an RV which you may not remember taking but your HR department will never forget.
Best Moment: the epic intro (“We started with this track that I will never forget…” –Barnt), the deep psychedelic mixing, Barnt’s Mike Oldfield-2001-soundtracker ‘What Is A Number, That A Man May Know It’ here …and this is one SIXTH of it. Yikes.
Best Comment: “Every person uploading sets, playing at BM, offers a download to the community. It’s a ritual. Pls turn on download to share this. Thx” hah! Do not deny the rituals!
Could Soundtrack…The entire ‘Planet Earth’ boxset collection.

Why It’s Perfect for September: DECOM baby!
Who Else Might Dig It? People who go to amazing parties and don’t feel the need to incessantly yammer on about it to convert friends and loved ones in some sort of desert Pyramid scheme.
Better Than: Being there
Made Us Think Of…possibly reevaluating our Playa-hating old man-stance
PP Says: Back in the day the BM soundtrack was basically whoever’s art car had turntables plus Bassnectar and his 16 siblings. Now it’s a world class wrecking crew. This mini-Cómeme Records Avengers supercrew assembled, taking lucky Burners to other planets than the ones that they may have already been on for this amazing half-day journey that spanked the ass of the reviled Skrillex and Diplo not long after. An amazing sounding party that a small but vocal faction has tainted for us . But we’re slowly coming around. Goddaaaamnit.


 CRACK Magazine Podcast 076 by Timothy Fairplay 


RIYL: Robotic Teutonic mirages in Victorian French castles, The Normal, the not-so-normal
Best Moment: Rude 66′s ‘Die Starke der Vernichtenden Schlage’ into House of Jezebel’s ‘I Took A Train In 1976′
Best Comment: “You had me at Unit Moebius.” (Facebook)
Could Soundtrack…John Carpenter’s Terminator: Bonne Nuit. Mathieu Amalric stars as a busted-ass John Connor living in Paris for the drugs, when a still-misunderstood Schwarzennegger lands in the Seine (literally) and with the help of a flamboyant programmer (Vincent Cassel), must find John and an aged Sarah Connor (Charlotte Rampling) to save the world yet again.
Why It’s Perfect for September: An early-fall release date is perfect for non-Oscar contenders (which this definitely is)

Who Else Might Dig It? Any East London heads who show their faces at Avery & Walsh’s Movement Club
Better Than: A ham & cheese mixte that’s sitting in a window all day by The Louvre
Made Us Think Of: An ’80s we wish we knew…and possibly could 65 years!
PP Says: Released to coincide with his DJ set for BFF Andrew Weatherall’s ridiculously amazing-looking De La City festival this past weekend in Carcassonne, France, alongside the likes of Scott Fraser, Sean Johnston, a Michelin star chef and sommelier (of course!) and the hirsute ascotted overlord himself, Mr. Weatherall, on DJ duties and playing live with Mr. Fairplay as The Asphodells. This set of robotic darkness from the former Battant man would seem to fit the mood perfectly, which we will be able to confirm for you next year at this time.


 Unsound Podcast #21 by We Will Fail 


RIYL: ambient, new age, deep feelings
Best Moment: the part where your subconscious does things that words can’t describe
Best Comment: “power!”
Could Soundtrack…a Whitney Biennial installation about American pagan ethnographies
PP Says: This mix is by experimental Polish producer ‪Aleksandra Grünholz. It’s heady, dark, spacious, experimental, blotto in places.
Why It’s Perfect for September: psychedelic tailgating 

Who Else Might Dig It? Bret Easton Ellis
Better Than Ezra
Made Us Think Of…dying…or taking a bath. Or both.


 Vinyl Only And Hot Pants Only (Babymix 3) by Hot Baby Karl 


RIYL: Levon Vincent, Adam X-tasy circa ’93, Floor Drugs From Stockholm, Charlie Murphy-level Daaarknes
Best Moment: The part where you question what walls are and why they’re there and how they work, NX1 06 016
Best Comment: “alltså vad är detta för låt? den andra kommentaren hamnade fel :)”
Could Soundtrack…
PP Says: Ever been to a Glory Hole? Because Karl knows a really great one in New York that we really dig and you should check out this weekend. No DL + no tracklisting so get after it.

Why It’s Perfect for September: High season in Malmö y’all, waters warm, come on in!
Who Else Might Dig It? Proper big city weirdos bored with their current surroundings
Better Than: Norway
Made Us Think Of…that shelf…in the den…that’s still missing the peg…that we really don’t wanna have to go back to IKEA customer service to deal with without a receipt.


 DJ History Mystery Mix (Krautrock Special) by David Stubbs


RIYL: Krautrock, clearly
Best Comment: All of them
Could Soundtrack…a film about Germany in the ’60s and ’70s

PP Says: A nice primer by the journalist/historian but also interesting for the heads. It’s a good listen for anyone who ever had a kraut phase.
Why It’s Perfect for September: Cleanse the palette

Who Else Might Dig It? Kids in college who’ve never heard krautrock; working class kids who’ve also never heard krautrock
Better Than The Strokes
Made Us Think Of…reading homeboy’s tome.


 Orchestral Manoeuvres in Gomorrah (Sept. 8 show) by Ben Block 


RIYL: Baleria all up in your area, Test Pressing, suntime + hats
Best Moment: ‪The shredding on Al Di Meola’s “Sequencer” or Richard Fearless’s “Gamma Ray”. Tie.‬
Best Comment: “strong feelings”
Could Soundtrack…an awesome ’80s coming of age flick. Or a two-hander about a boy and his surrogate mother in a dystopian future where the ’70s and ’80s were viewed as a golden era (not far off from Guardians of the Galaxy, actually). 
PP Says: Mr. Block is a friend and has exquisite taste. His monthly show is usually full of cosmic oddity baubles and the correct amount of sleaze.

Why It’s Perfect for September: I love summer music, but hate gross summers (like this one). This is a refreshing zephyr signaling a crisp fall. It’s like that Naughty by Nature video
Who Else Might Dig It? Your friend Sarah…or people who want to hang and listen to something that isn’t full-on bangers; adults; birthers
Better Than: Most things on your terrestrial dial in Los Angeles.
Made Us Think Of slow, sleazy dancing.
(full disclosure: that ‘Best Comment’ was mine)