X/Y Coming to a Device Near You


Hi people who are already on the internet. Just a quick post to let you know that X/Y – the first feature I supervised – is coming to VOD this March 6, and the trailer is right above this sentence.

X/Y was written + directed by one of my oldest friends in LA, Ryan Piers Williams. It stars his wife America Ferrara, Melanie Diaz, [Oscar Winner®] Common, John Paul Phillips, Amber Tamblyn, Dree Hemingway, Amber Tamblyn, and more

We were able to place music by Chromatics, Moderat, Kit Grill, Emily Wells, Gauntlet Hair, Luis Flores + Brian Sanhaji (Droid), Rafa Durand Kick, The Defibulators, Wardell, Herman Beeftink, and more.

Oh, and Will Bates of Fall on Your Sword delivered a truly wonderful score (the cue in the trailer, for example). 

So, check out the movie, and let us know what you think.